Auour is focused on changing the current ecosystem.  We use well established, yet relatively low cost, investment products and distill the large amount of unstructured information through the use of institutional quality research.  We apply sophisticated quantitative tools to actively manage the allocation of assets.  We believe this is the best approach to present knowledge and wisdom to our clients and to incorporate it all into an investment plan that strives to meet the client’s long term goals.

We offer a holistic and objective view to investments, channeling institutionally focused research and rigorous investment optimization tools to a population of investors that has not had this available to them in the past.  Auour can assist in asking and addressing the following questions such as:

  • Given our assets, is our spend rate sustainable?
  • How do our future cash flow needs impact our investment positioning?
  • How much of our return is diluted by fees?
  • Could we lower our investment costs without lowering our future expected return?
  • Are the investments structured properly in consideration of our future liabilities?
  • Have any of our managers changed their investment style?
  • Are we exposed to investment risks of which we are not aware?