Auour Investments is designed to provide world-class investment management services to individuals and institutions with significant investable assets.  Our investment style is tailored to each of our client’s needs and is influenced by our disciplined approach to investing.  We strive to develop and implement sound and balanced global strategies that are best suited to meet our client’s investment objectives.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci


Our service has been crafted from our experiences in institutional asset management and our own research into best practices.  We are humbled daily by the actions of others and the workings of the world, making us open to new perspectives.  However, we are diligent and thoughtful, understanding the responsibility we have over our clients’ future so that our actions are approached with reason, logic, and care.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment goal is to increase the purchasing power of our client’s investment portfolios.  Our investment philosophy is to focus on the facets of investing that are within an investor’s control.  These factors are market participation, asset allocation, and expense reduction.  Market participation and asset allocation account for approximately 90% of investment returns.  Accordingly, we carefully and passionately examine how each of these two factors impacts our client’s unique situation.  We also seek to minimize the fees and expenses within financial vehicles to provide the most return possible to our clients.

Investment Process

Our process has the Auour Regime Model at its foundation to build individual portfolios tailored to the particular needs of each of our clients.  We believe that this method of arriving at optimal investment portfolios delivers a stable and durable investment process. It elegantly adapts to the changing needs of clients while continuously monitoring the investment merits of each asset and mitigating overall portfolio risk.


The three founders have over 65 years of combined institutional asset management experience at large, established firms managing assets with a combined value exceeding $8 billion.

Kenneth J Doerr

Joseph B Hosler

Robert Z Kuftinec

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