Auour aims to bring the rigor and rational processes used in the institutional money management world to the individual, non-profit and  small corporate setting. Focusing on long term investing and respecting the impact of costs on portfolio returns, we drive an adaptive asset allocation process that strives to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Auour is particularly adept at investment management.  Sophisticated financial models to determine a combination of diverse financial instruments will support the firm’s partners’ financial acumen.  The resulting portfolio will be an appropriate mix of financial investments set up to meet the needs of financial advisers and their clients’ goals.  We constantly monitor the performance and risk characteristics of the entire portfolio as well as the individual securities that make up the portfolio.  This process drives a dynamic investment mix that is continuously optimized for a clients specific goals.


Extending Your Capabilities

For institutions with investment needs that have grown beyond the capabilities of their internal resources, Auour brings the experience of 60+ years of professional money management.  Let us operate as your outsourced investment group to provide risk assessment, asset allocation, and security selection.


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