Great People Doing Great Things

Over our 25+ years of analyzing companies, we have been fortunate to sit with thousands of management teams and to meet some great people that have done great things, typically outside the spotlight.

The Accomplishments of the Individual

Cocktail Auour is a new podcast hosted by Joe Hosler focusing on “The Accomplishments of the Individual.” Increasingly we are seeing success more and more being communally attributed. Perhaps this was necessary; team work truly is an essential element of any functional enterprise. But, we often forget or ignore how the instrument behind most leaps forward is just one individual (who then inspires or instructs others). I don’t want to downplay the contributions of the many. I simply want to explore and celebrate the seeds of some of the important ideas that have moved our society forward.

People who move us - Innovators, Thinkers, Investors

Over a series of 30- to 45-minute cocktail-like conversations, we’ll interview people who work, often outside the limelight, to better the world around them. We will learn from entrepreneurs about their paths from idea to execution in the pursuit of positive change, have a drink with those inspiring the next generation of thinkers, and discuss the impact influential investors see within the global ecosystem from the launch of new businesses.