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Driving a deeper relationship
Adding a new perspective

Why Auour

Auour provides boutique wealth management to individuals and institutions to protect and grow their wealth. We are a trusted confidante to our clients, dedicated to every aspect of their finances to empower them to make the most of their wealth throughout their lifetime.

Our goal is to make our clients happy. We want our clients to feel well cared for—whether they are starting a company, a family, or retiring and wanting to leave a legacy, or going through another of life’s transitions. We want to make sure that their financial health serves them at whatever stage they are in life. We want our clients to know we have their backs.



Over time, the relationship we build with our clients is the really rewarding part and why we love what we do. The trust we build allows us to get to know people in such a way that we know how we can be the best possible and most efficient stewards of their wealth.

Robert KuftinecManaging Principal
Wanting all to be happy, healthy, and wise

How We're Different

Our investment process is much more analytical than your average bear’s. Recognized as an innovator in a new investment discipline called Regime-Based Investing, Auour strives to take the emotion out of investing by navigating the changing risk landscape. Through our rigorous and proprietary approach, we look to provide added stability in advance of periods of heightened market fear and to take advantage of growth opportunities as they present themselves.

But it doesn’t end there. Intelligent investing is only part of what we do. At our core, is a belief that risk needs to be managed and financial positioning requires ongoing attention throughout a person’s lifetime. At Auour, we engage in an ever-evolving dialogue with each of our clients to help them be in the best financial position wherever they are in life. We are right there with our clients every step so that the financial decisions they make today are right for them tomorrow.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I help friends make good financial decisions and to respect the differences between building wealth and maintaining it.

Joseph HoslerManaging Principal
Building an enduring partnership

Who We Serve

We understand and respect the need to find the right partner when it comes to one’s finances. Our clients become more than just clients; they become partners in a common mission. We work very closely together and over time, trust is built which only enhances our ability to anticipate how best to help them in all aspects of their financial life. Through this deep relationship, the people at Auour can best serve the unique and ever-changing needs of our clients.  

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and we share common values. In most cases, our clients have a strong entrepreneurial spirit that has resulted in substantial wealth creation. Our services align with their needs of protecting their principle and working together to build an enduring legacy. 

No matter one’s unique needs, Auour has built a reputation for finding solutions to fit the needs of those that we serve.

Making connections

We Know People

Open Architecture

Having the precise skill set internally to meet all your eventual needs is an impossible task. We have cultivated an expanding network of outside professionals that bring expertise to any need.

Your Quarterback

Foreseeing your needs and finding those best able to address them is our position within your team.  We are humble enough to know that we can not internally offer the best solution in all circumstances but we have confidence that we can address all needs no matter the situation.

Adjusting to Your Needs

Needs change in different phases of life.  Be it preparing for the start of a family, dealing with a sale of your business, planning option exercises or QSBS ramifications, estate appraisal services, or setting up a foundation, we can bring a team together that will respect your unique situation.

Moving you forward

What Drives Us

Evolution is inherent in all living organisms and it is inherent in our firm.  The world around us evolves and we aim to leverage that for the benefit of our clients.   We thrive in a world of change, always watching for those low-likelihood risks that can carry a lasting impact on our clients’ lives.  As they say, the punch that knocks you out is the one you don’t see coming.  We are constantly looking out, using our algorithms and our continued learnings, to see when a rarity may become a more likely outcome.

We welcome a conversation.